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The Fireman & The Waitress


Dessa is going to be on the road in February for a series of interviews promoting the national launch of The Fireman & The Waitress in Walmart stores. Dessa is scheduled for five radio interviews at stations across Toronto, and will be doing a television interview on the Global Television Network. On February 7th, Dessa will be hosting a book signing event from 7:00-8:00 p.m. at the Walmart store in the Square One Mall in Mississauga.

My first TV interview


Today I started my day gazing at the great Rocky mountains waiting for Solange my PR guide. She arrived early and ushered me off to my first TV interview promoting Dessanomics and the consumer launch of The Fireman and The Waitress. Wow I get a whole 5 minutes on Breakfast TV. It’s finally here almost 2 years of work and its my first live TV interview. My only fear was that I would have lipstick on my teeth. Then I was off the air and out the door before I even knew it was over. So much work for so little press, or so it seems. Then Solange had me at Indigo within minutes to sign copies of my book. The best part was that Mark had seen me on TV and had raced to the store to purchase his copy, and yes I personalized it for him. How cool was that, I felt like a celeb, a stranger actually asked for my autograph…I almost spelt my name wrong. Man this TV stuff really works! The rest of my day was a blur the Dave Rutherford Show, a live radio talk show where I was his guest, followed by CTV News then wrapped up the day with another book signing at Chapters at the Chinook Center. I’ve been in many Chapters but this one was most impressive along with the mall itself. Big, new and the entrances welcomed you in like the main gates of Disney World or Universal. Next time I’m in Calgary (my next scheduled trip is 10 months away) I’m setting time aside to shop and explore, I love retail! Tomorrow I’m speaking at a regional conference for Alberta’s best Financial Advisors, yes mom I’m the main platform speaker and I’ll remember to stand up straight.

Dessanomics-based training program


Dessa has recently been honoured with an invitation from Manulife Bank to set up and implement the Dessanomics-based training program for the Senior Management team. Kicking off in September 2011, Dessa will be conducting training seminars that will eventually include more than 250 of the Bank's most experienced managers. "I’m very excited about this training program," says Dessa. "This is a wonderfully affirming demonstration that Manulife Bank truly believes in the process and the benefits that can be attained for all Canadians using products of this nature."