Our Values

Who We Are:

Fundamentally – we are partners. We partner with established professionals and small business owners, retirees and pre-retirees. These are people who value security, protection and peace of mind, people who know that there are no shortcuts to creating comfortable retirements for themselves and security for their families. We are based in Windsor, Ontario, but have built a national reputation for innovation, reliability and honesty.

Core Values:

1. Passion – We have boundless enthusiasm and love for our work and our clients. Our work is our    passion, and it shows in everything we do.
2. Commitment – We have an emotional and intellectual commitment to organizational and personal    growth, with a mindset of innovative learning.
3. Trust – This coveted distinction is earned because our clients have total confidence in our abilities,    our integrity and our character. We always do what is right for them.
4. Respect – We treat our clients, and each other, with the utmost respect. We regard each client    relationship as a special privilege.
5. Value – We know our value and strive to bring that value to every client.

What We Do:

“We give ordinary people the ability to achieve an extraordinary retirement.”

Why We Do What We Do:

1. Most organizations and individuals don’t understand what they need for their retirement, and    many Canadians lack the expertise necessary to navigate the financial landscape.
2. Canadians deserve a more efficient way to build wealth and pay down debt without
   affecting their lifestyle.
3. Workplace pension plans are becoming extinct – Canadians deserve more.

We partner with our clients to work through all of these challenges. But, be prepared for straight talk – it’s our specialty. We are not all things to all people, so we’ll look you in the eye and we may tell you something you don’t want to hear. We will never lie to you.

Who We Work For:

The foundation of our business is built on confidentiality and the ethical management of our clients’ financial lives. It’s the basis upon which the trust we’ve built with our clients is formed. So, unlike other industries, we aren’t in a position to list a “who’s who” of our clients.

However, Dessa’s recent book, the true story of “The Fireman and The Waitress” offers a great example of real people with real-world problems, along with the Dessanomics ™ solutions. The fireman and the waitress depicted in the book are a compilation of clients collected over Dessa’s career and are representative of some of our best stories.

The greatest testament to the confidence that’s placed in our team is found in the significant number of financial advisors who are clients of K&A. Every profession has one, the surgeon’s surgeon, the lawyer’s lawyer – respected and revered by their peers and highly sought after for their skills and advice. Financial advisors, banking professionals and business writers are routinely turning to one expert – Dessa Kaspardlov and the team at K&A. Please check out our Testimonials page to read some of our clients’ stories.

What Makes Us Different?

K&A’s founder, Dessa Kaspardlov, created a trademarked process called “Dessanomics™” By simply changing the order, timing and frequency of how a person manages all aspects of their financial lives, they will achieve significantly enhanced results. This is the foundation of creating sustainable and predictable income – an economic engine to drive you to build future wealth – this is Dessanomics.

We take you through each step of the process and help you get on track, and then our ongoing, interactive follow-up keeps you headed in the right direction. We’re with you every step of the way – a resource to help you make sound financial decisions in every aspect of your life – building a plan that integrates all aspects of your finances, works both sides of the balance sheet and provides a predictable climb to a successful retirement.

K&A converts rhetoric into results by:

  • Reconnecting families with their retirement dreams
  • Giving you the confidence to stay committed to the end goal
  • Enabling the “good” to examine other possibilities and become “great”
  • Strengthening balance sheets, managing assets, preserving capital,
    creating a legacy and – most importantly – providing peace of mind


K&A is often described by our clients as down-to-earth, caring and trusting. We provide the personalized service that is so often lacking in a crowded, competitive and commoditized marketplace. Our focus is you. When our clients tell us they sleep well at night, then we know we have succeeded – which translates into success for them!