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Help us redesign our website!

We want to hear from you - and see your worldly experiences!

Our clients make Kaspardlov & Associates stand out among the crowds. So when sitting down to plan the new design for our website, we knew that we wanted to share this with our clients and their families - because this is who we are truly about.

Our jobs are to help you live life to the fullest, to feel financially secure and reach your goals and dreams. What better way to show this on our new website than to highlight the exceptional lives our clients lead and their goals coming to fruition! 

As we prepare for the new design, we are asking our clients to show us your success, your freedom and your dreams by sharing your travel photographs from around the world, to display proudly on our new website.

All photos will be cited with your name, if you like (privacy respected) and where the photograph was taken.


Send by:  January 24th, 2020, by email

File Size: Good quality digital photos only please – send by email

The larger the file size the better.. between 1MB and 10MB preferably.
 Please include where the photo was taken and if you would like your first name on the picture.